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Blast from the Past
What? This site still lives? Yes! Raising a baby means updates will be forever rare, but this Canadian thanksgiving, I have a few new monsters for die-hard fans: Muth from RaxusCarnelli, Jellybob from Roy the Toxic Boy and Capped Goomba from Koopa Krush. Thanks everyone for sticking with us over the years!
Posted by David Mitchell on 2013-10-14

Giant Enemy Crab!
Clawgrip is the final Super Mario Bros. 2 boss to be added t the site!
Posted by David Mitchell on 2012-07-22

New Games, 13th Anniversary
I'm sure everyone knows by now that Nintendo has announced New Super Mario Bros. U for the Wii U plus New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Paper Mario Sticker Star for the 3DS. I've added them to the site too!
Also, apologies for missing out on the 13th anniversary of the site - obviously I don't update as much as I used to. Thanks to these volunteers from last year: - Will Lett
- Koopa Krush
- Jiggy
- Cheat-Master30
- marioisnintendo
- firebro12
I know I'm missing a lot of people because I haven't had time to add your monsters to the site yet, but I definitely will get around to them at some point. Cheers!
Posted by David Mitchell on 2012-06-10

Happy Holidays
I'm not sure if there will be another update this year, so have a good Christmas or whatever you celebrate this time of year!
Sorbetti and Old Red Mug join the site today courtesy of vp112692 and Koopa Krush, respectively.
Posted by David Mitchell on 2011-12-04

Temper Terror
Sorry for the long break between updates! Anyway, Black Mop presents Temper Terror from Luigi's Mansion!
Posted by David Mitchell on 2011-09-26

Summertime and the Hammering's Easy
Cheat-Master30 delivers Megahammer from Super Mario Galaxy 2!
Posted by David Mitchell on 2011-08-06

Dark Paratroopa
Hi all! For Canada Day and Independence day we have Dark Paratroopa. I'd also like to point everyone to the affiliates area for a new link to the Nintendo 3DS Community Forums.
Posted by David Mitchell on 2011-07-02

Monsterpalooza 7: Craw Daddy
To finish up the Monsterpalooza we have Dark Craw from Marioisnintendo and some screenshots from Yoshi's Island DS including Shy Guy, Bullet Bill and Piranha Plant. Have a good weekend!
Posted by David Mitchell on 2011-05-28

Monsterpalooza Day 6
Firebro12 delivers Ick Worm from Yoshi's Story.
Posted by David Mitchell on 2011-05-27

Monsterpalooza Days 4 and 5
Two days, two monsters! X-Naut PhD comes from marioisnintendo and Cage Beast comes from Koopa Krush.
Posted by David Mitchell on 2011-05-26

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