AUTHOR: David Mitchell
(Revision History)


TYPE: Human.

TURF: Castles, Mountains.



SKILLS AND ATTACKS: Sprtiz Bomb, Bomb, Loco Express.

STRENGTHS: He has many tricks up his sleeve. Quite the eater, too.

WEAKNESSES: Not overly bright.

BACKGROUND: The Booster clan is a family of thoroughly insane entrepreneurs who became quite wealthy through a combination of petty theft and amusement park construction. The Booster family is notorious for their child-like mentality, which is reflected in their amusement parks, and the eccentric design of Booster Tower.
The current heir to the Booster throne, aptly named Booster spends much of his time playing with guests in his tower, especially his Snifit underlings, who spend most of their time catching beetles, and the rest of it catering to Booster's every whim.
Booster can be spotted by his wild eyes, bright red nose, and scruffy beard. He likes to wear a red costume including a large helmet complete with horns and aviator's goggles (it's a family tradition for the Boosters to invent a wild hat or hairstyle for themselves).

EVOLUTION: While you can't follow Booster's evolution through the Mario games, you can see how his family has changed over the years, thanks to the portraits hanging in Booster Tower. I particularly like the "punk" booster with the shades and the mowhawk, as well as the "shriner" Booster with that funky fez.


booster screenshotbooster screenshotBooster renderBooster's Buddies vs. the Koopa TroopBooster