Cursed Door
Cursed Door

AUTHOR: Will Lett
(Revision History)


TYPE: Trap, Ghost.

TURF: Ghost Houses.


CLOSE RELATIVES: Fake Door, Deadly Door.

SKILLS AND ATTACKS: None, nut they hurt to open

STRENGTHS: They hurt you when you try to open them

WEAKNESSES: Their keys

BACKGROUND: When King Boo was building the mansion, he put in doors that he put a curse on. He then gave the keys to Chauncey, Bogmire, Booloosus, and Vincent Van Gore. These doors have thorns, flash, and hurt Luigi if he tries to open them. They are very similar to Deadly Doors, but they can only be opened if Luigi has the key for them. To open them, Luigi must first beat a boss to get the key to the doors. When they key is in his possession, the doors begins to flash rapidly,make wierd noises, and then a tinging sound is heard and the throrns disappear, allowing Luigi to continue his search for Mario.