Elder Princess Shroob
(a.k.a. Princess Shroob Twin, the Cobalt Star Spirit.)
Elder Princess Shroob

AUTHOR: Boo Buddy Justin
(Revision History)


TYPE: Fungus, Alien, Boss.

TURF: Sky.



SKILLS AND ATTACKS: Double UFO Energy Blast, Triple UFO Meteor Strike, Single UFO Chain Chomp Chase, Single UFO Vim Drink, Saucer Crash, Energy Ball

STRENGTHS: In her second phase, to attack her head, you must first destroy the feet and crown, which regenerates after some time.

WEAKNESSES: Her attacks are easy to dodge once you get the hang of it.

BACKGROUND: The Cobalt Star...a mysterious object which powers E. Gadd's time machine. Its 6 pieces are scattered throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. To save Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi and the Babies must gather at least 5 of the shards to open the gate to Shroob Castle and save Princess Peach. But, there is a hidden secret behind the Cobalt Star. Some people claim to see a face inside the star, others think that the star shards have minds of their own. Only Princess Peach can shed some light on this mystery.
In the end, it turns out to be Princess Shroob's older, bigger, tougher sister...and just when she seems to be beaten, it turns out she isn't finished yet!


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