Jonathan Jones
Jonathan Jones

AUTHOR: David Mitchell
(Revision History)


TYPE: Fish.

TURF: Beaches, Water.


CLOSE RELATIVES: Bandana Blue, Bandana Red.

SKILLS AND ATTACKS: Skewer, Diamond Saw, Mega Drain, Get Tough.

STRENGTHS: Tough against Sleep attacks.

WEAKNESSES: Thunder attacks.

BACKGROUND: Jonathan Jones is one tough Shark, and the head of a band of pirates that live in the Sunken Ship near Seaside Town. He wears a long black robe and his skin is a distinctive blue colour. Jones has learned to use a wide variety of weapons, but his favourite is a custom-made trident which he carries with him almost everywhere he goes.
Jonathan Jones has no affiliations other than his own band of pirates, but he is said to be very loyal and honourable if you can make friends with him, and the citizens of Seaside Town have never had trouble with the pirates. Jones is a formidable foe, and he loves a good fight. Those looking to get something from Jones must first prove their strength to him.


Jonathan Jones screenshotJonathan Jones screenshot