Koopa Clown Car
Koopa Clown Car

AUTHOR: Jimmy Piranha
(Revision History)


TYPE: Mechanical.

TURF: Sky.



SKILLS AND ATTACKS: Bowling Ball, Rage Bounce.

STRENGTHS: Can't be defeated by ANY normal attack.

WEAKNESSES: Not very agile in the air.

BACKGROUND: The Koopa Clown Car is designed not only to carry Bowser's weight, but also an unlimited supply of Mecha Koopas and Bowling Balls. One thing that is fairly strange about the Koopa Clown Car is its apparent ability to change its expression, leading some experts to believe it is a one-of-a-kind beast that was actually brought under Bowser's control and warped to make it suitable for flying.
When the Koopa Clown Car goes into Rage mode, its expression changes from happy to angry and it starts bouncing around in an attempt to smash Mario into the ground. Peculiarly, when Bowser is damaged by Mario's Attacks, the Koopa Clown Car also changes from Happy/Angry to sad and a drop of sweat falls down one side of its face. After their first battle with Mario, the Koopa Clown Car was demoted and Bowser only uses it for flying when he may be in danger.


EVOLUTION: This may seem strange, but the Koopa Clown Car has made some changes over the years.
In Super Mario World, the Koopa Clown Car was the best out of the bunch. Its eyes and propeller are the right size, although it does seem a bit stretched.
The Koopa Clown Car had short appearances in Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario, but we don't have screenshots or information about what it looked like in those games right now.
In Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga the Koopa Clown Car was stretched out to the sides a bit, and it was not very tall; some people think that this is Bowletta's special version of the car, but since it doesn't appear to have any extra abilities, this has been dismissed as a load of rubbish. Note however, that it seems able to change expression at will, when Bowletta laughs, it goes to an angry grin type mood, and it is also able to grab Princess Peach's dress, which supports the theory that it's alive.
Chronologically, the Koopa Klown Car first appeared in the Mushroom Kingdom of the past in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, so it appears to have been in the family for a long time!
The car also had cameo appearances in Super Smash Bros Melee and Mario Party 5. Super Smash Bros. Melee was its first appearance in 3D! It is very similar to the one from Super Mario World, but this time it is slightly wider/fatter. In Mario Party 5, the Koopa Clown Car has a longer propeller then previous versions. It also appeared in Mario Party 6 and 7.


Koopa Clown Car screenshotBowletta in the Koopa Clown CarPeach Captured!Koopa Clown Car