Piranha Bean
Piranha Bean

AUTHOR: Jimmy Piranha
(Revision History)


TYPE: Plant.

TURF: Grasslands, Mountains.


CLOSE RELATIVES: Petey Piranha, Piranha Plant, Dino Piranha, Ptooie, Stalking Piranha Plant.

SKILLS AND ATTACKS: Fruit Spit and Fireball.

STRENGTHS: Can't be jumped, and the hammer doesn't seem to hurt him too much.

WEAKNESSES: Very vulnerable to Thunder attacks.

BACKGROUND: Bean Piranhas were just normal Piranha Plants with legs! I reckon that the reason they have legs and are called Piranha Beans is simply a case of fruit eating; the Piranha Plant eats a Bean Fruit and becomes a Piranha Bean, simple! Not much is known about them; although they seem related to Petey Piranha, there are some key differences: Petey Piranha can fly and spit paint.
Piranha Beans throw fireballs and throw-up Bean Fruit (still damages, but acts differently to fireballs.) They also have only ever been seen around the Beanbean Kingdom, suggesting that they may have been around before Mario went there.