Shrooboid Brat
Shrooboid Brat

AUTHOR: Will Lett
(Revision History)


TYPE: Alien, Boss.

TURF: Deserts.


CLOSE RELATIVES: Shroob, Elder Shrooboid, Junior Shrooboid.

SKILLS AND ATTACKS: Lollipop Throw, Swallow and Spit Fire, Mushrooms, Poison Mushrooms.

STRENGTHS: His Attacks are Hard to Avoid.

WEAKNESSES: Flower Attacks, Cannonballers.

BACKGROUND: The Shrooboid Brat is a giant blue Shroob who is usually a bodyguard for Princess Shroob. He carries a large purple lollipop and can swallow several things. When Mario and Luigi were trying to save Princess Peach from Petey Piranha's belly, they found themselves the middle of a crowd led by Princess Shroob. Princess Shroob summoned the Shrooboid Brat to fight the Bros.
The Shrooboid Brat never picked his own target, but instead made the Shroobs choose for him. Now the Shrooboid brat owns a lollipop shop in the Mushroom Kingdom.