Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars


SERIES: Mario Party



DEVELOPED BY: Squaresoft


A giant sword slams into Bowser's castle right in the middle of a Princess rescue attempt by Mario. The Smithy Gang is searching the Mushroom World for a the powerful star pieces and only Mario and friends can stop them.
This was also a collaboration between Square and Nintendo, and the last Square game to appear on a Nintendo system until GameCube came out. Most of the characters in Super Mario RPG were never heard from again.

OctolotBoosterBelomeMastadoomMackGuerillaChowBowyerAeroRat FunkThe Eternal StruggleArachneSmilaxMad Mallet AttacksClerkManagerGu GoombaAxem YellowAxem RangersAxem RedAxem PinkAxem GreenAxem BlackArtichokerArmored AntArachneApprenticeAmanitaAlley RatAeroGlum ReaperPiranha CarriageDr. Topper and FriendsDr. TopperExor ScreenFormation ho!Big Bertha ScreenSMRPGTroopa AttackMalakoopaTerra CottaForkies screen.Star Cruster and OerlikenStar Cruster screenGu Goomba ScreenMonstro TownMonstro TownWatering PlantsHasty EscapeBehind you!Nimbus Land Castlesmrpgwig.jpgSuper Mario RPG TerrapinSuper Mario RPG GoombaSuper Mario RPG Hammer Bros.smrpglak.jpgsmrpg_microgoom.jpgOctolot screenshotsmrpgmagi.jpgsmrpgnip.jpgSuper Mario RPG Koopa Paratroopasmrpgpir.jpgsmrpgpod.jpgsmrpgshy.jpgsmrpgthwomp.jpgsmrpgshys.jpgsmrpgsnif.jpgsmrpgspark.jpgsmrpgspin.jpgsmrpgbgrboo.jpgSuper Mario RPG Boosmrpgbboo.jpgSuper Mario RPG BeezoBullet Bill Evolution SMRPGsmrpgbirdo.jpgsmrpg_blaster.jpgsmrpgbloo.jpgSuper Mario RPGCzar Dragon screenshotsmrpgcheep.jpgEarth Crystal ScreenSuper Mario RPG ChompCrook screenshotsmrpg_bones.jpgKing BombBahamuttMagikoopa RecoversBoomer and Chandeli HoNinjaCrustyAmeboidHippopoCount DownCulexMachine MadeMachine Made Axem GreenDoppelMachine Made Axem PinkJabit ShotJabit SpritesMachine Made Axem BlackMachine Made Axem YellowPounderPoundetteSpringerMachine Made MackMachine Made ShysterPuppoxMachine Made BowyerCloakerCloaker on Earth LinkDominoMachine Made YaridovichClerkMad Adder and DominoDrill BitDirectorManager ScreenKinklinkSmelterFactory ChiefShyperShy Ranger screenshotSmithy's Tank HeadSmithy BattleGun YolkArachneFireball FightBooSmilaxGoomba renderHammer Bros RenderAlley RatAmanita renderApprentice Torte renderArachne Renderaxemgreen renderAxem Yellow renderAxem Black renderAxem Red renderAxem Pink renderBirdy renderBlade RenderBeezo RenderBelome renderDodo renderBill RenderBlaster RenderBosh RenderBlooper renderBob-omb renderBooster renderBowyer RenderChained Kong renderCorkpedite renderCzar Dragon RenderCarroboscis renderCheep-Cheep renderCluster RenderCroco RenderCrusty RenderDry Bones RenderEnigma renderMagikoopa RenderBig BooBahamuttMario RPG MonstersSgt. FlutterFrogog ScreenLumblerNinjaDomino and CloakerMario and GoombasExor in Bowser's KeepExor's InvasionExor in Bowser's KeepSmithy's Forms