About the Site

So just what is Mario Monsters all about?

Once upon a time, a lad named David wished to make a website about video games. The question was, what should that site be about? The Internet was like a vast video game city with hundreds of sites dealing in reviews, news, certain games, certain systems, and more! David wanted his site to be something fun, something different!

Around that very time, David uncovered a secret in the ridiculously awesome game, Super Mario RPG. The trick would reveal little quotes from the monsters in the game. David said to himself, "That would be a cool thing to add to the monster compendiums for this game..." Then the idea for his new site was born! A monster compendium covering the entire Mario Universe was his goal.

So David set forth on a quest, perhaps brilliant, perhaps mad. Whatever the case, the quest birthed this very site.

Hold it! What's a monster compendium?

Oh, right. Well, fans of Role Playing Games everywhere (read: nerds) can tell you that a monster compendium is a collection of info about the opponents you might run across in the game. It's like a encyclopedia of critters.

So where is this thing going?

This is not a quest for the feint of heart! There are dozens of Mario adventure games, without even looking at the large selection of spin-offs Nintendo has created. Even after several years of work, Nintendo publishes games as fast as we can research them. The site is evolving to bring in more volunteer content and hopefully one day this site will chronicle all of the monsters in the series!

Where is the info coming from?

Our goal is to have a strong base of official information, but many of the lesser monsters require a little embellishment. It wouldn't be very interesting if all we had to say about monster x was "This guy is red and blue and he is hard to beat".

Our main resource are the Mario games, starting with the RPGs and action games. Our secondary resource is spin-off games and information published by Nintendo, such as instruction manuals and player's guides. At the bottom of the resource barrel is third-party sources such as Wikipedia or guides published by companies other than Nintendo but these sources are ignored if they contradict with information from Nintendo itself.
Recently, Nintendo Power was sold by Nintendo to a publishing company called Future US, and it seems they have stopped producing strategy guides. Because of this, we will start using Prima strategy guides as our next most reliable source on games starting with Super Mario Galaxy. When we can't fill in the blanks, we make stuff up! Just enough to make things interesting. For more details, see the Sample Monster.

Let's all Meet Up in the Year 2020

As you may notice, the site is not very active anymore, I keep it up in the hopes that someday I'll be able to work on it again, but updates will be minimal for the forseeable future. As such, I've removed most of the options for submissions, but thank you very much for your support over the years!