The Super Mario Monster Compendium Version 1

On May 13, 1999, the first version of Mario Monsters, titled the Super Mario Monster Compendium, went online for testing on a little Geocities site.

Splash Page Users could pick frames or no frames.
From the earliest days, the site's subject matter resulted in a database-like design, but without actual database tools or knowledge, the site simulated the cross-indexing functions a database would have using frames menus. Users could look up monsters by the game they appeared in or the environment they lived in, but it meant updating dozens of html files every time a new monster was added to the database.

Goomba The site used to have HP and similar stats for every monster.
Over the years, the site became fairly large and popular. A second Geocities site was opened to keep size restrictions at bay. Finally, a generous web developer donated some space on his server. One stupid mistake and a few months later, the Super Mario Monster Compendium was kicked off of that site. Luckily it wasn't long before it found a new home and a swanky new address at

Old sample Monster The old sample monster was a bit cheesy
As the site's popularity continued to increase, better hosting requirements came up and before we knew it, the site had access to PHP and MySQL. Since they were paid for anyway (and the current site design was getting very old) I set out to revamp the whole thing using databases. So the second, "Mario Monsters" version of the site was born in May 2007, and the old site has been laid to rest.