Broque Monsieur
Broque Monsieur

AUTHOR: junotoad
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TYPE: Mechanical.

TURF: Beaches, Forests.



SKILLS AND ATTACKS: Get ? Block items, shopkeeping.

STRENGTHS: Can escape Mario and Luigi, resistant to fire and diziness.

WEAKNESSES: Escapes battle in the middle.

BACKGROUND: Broque Monsieur is a French block guy who was stranded on an island. Bowser (reluctantly) helped him out, and Broque gave him a Vacuum Block, which allowed Bowser to inhale his enemies! To give Bowser practice, he battled against Bowser.
After Bowser beat him, Broque returned to tending his block shop in the Mushroom Kingdom. Broque Monsieur hates the Mario Brothers because of their tendency to smash every block they come across.

"Monsieurs inside the monsieur?" (seeing Mario and Luigi inside Bowser).

Games: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
HP: 158
Offence: 27
Defence: 27
Speed: 24
Points: 30 exp.
Items: Vacuum Block.
Attack Pattern: Broque Monsieur uses some basic attack and can also turn himself huge with a Mega Mushroom that he gets out of a ? block. He refills Bowser's HP if it gets low.
Basic Strategies: You can't lose, but you'll still need some strategy to win. Suck Broque Monsieur up with the Vacuum attack so Mario and Luigi can wail on him. Punch his body out from under him to counter-attack when he turns huge.
Advanced Strategies: When Broque Monsieur turns huge, punch him just as he's within arm's length to knock his body away.