Henry and Orville
Henry and Orville

AUTHOR: Will Lett
(Revision History)


TYPE: Ghost, Human.

TURF: Ghost Houses.


CLOSE RELATIVES: Neville, Chauncey, Lydia.

SKILLS AND ATTACKS: Hide and Seek, Toys of Doom, Ram, Bomb

STRENGTHS: Good at Hiding

WEAKNESSES: Fire, Water, Ice, Poltergust 3000

BACKGROUND: Henry and Orville are twins who are the sons of Neville and Lydia, and the brothers of Chauncey and Sue Pea. Henry wears blue and Orville wears red.
They like to play hide and seek, but since they both hide, the game never seems to end. So whenever someone comes into their room and does something mischievous, such as twirling their toy helicopter fan, they are glad to ask them to play. When Mario came to the mansion, they found his dropped shoe and decided to keep it for themselves. They also don't like fire, water, ice, and wind and will shake when these are expelled upon them. When Luigi was searching for Mario, he came upon their room and sucked on their fan with his vacuum. The twins then asked him to play hide and seek with them. However, no matter what he did, if he found them both, they accused him of cheating and started attacking him with their toys.