Axem Pink
Axem Pink

AUTHOR: David Mitchell
(Revision History)


TYPE: Mechanical, Boss.

TURF: Industrial Areas, Volcanoes.


CLOSE RELATIVES: Axem Green, Axem Yellow, Axem Black, Axem Red.

SKILLS AND ATTACKS: Sleepy Bubble, Recover, Mega Recover.

STRENGTHS: Strong against Ice, Sleep and Silence.

WEAKNESSES: Weak against Fire.

BACKGROUND: Axem Pink is the only female member of the Axem Rangers...or at least, she seems to be, with her eyelashes and interest in wearing make-up. It's a little hard to tell since the Axem Rangers are all machines. Either way, Axem Pink is the most feminine of the group and she's even more concerned about her looks than the rest, with the possible exception of Axem Black. She often worries that the rest of the team isn't doing a good enough job of their action poses.
Axem Pink seems to have been destroyed along with the rest of the Axem Rangers and Blade. Like the other Rangers copies were made but none seem to exist anymore.


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