Jojora and Friend
(a.k.a. Chucklissa, Oholina, Hoohoolia, Teeheena.)
Jojora and Friend

AUTHOR: Emerald Koopa
(Revision History)


TYPE: Ghost, Boss.

TURF: Arctic.



SKILLS AND ATTACKS: Jojora has control over ice, Her friends can change their weaknesses with makeup

STRENGTHS: Jojora has a high defence, and her friends can change their weaknesses.

WEAKNESSES: Jojora can't attack without her wand, and t her friends are weak to thunder or lightning

BACKGROUND: Long ago, a serious place, where all bad jokes go was established. That place is Joke's end. A great ice spirit defends this place of little humor. Apparently, that spirit is on vacation, and his friend brought over his cousin, a monsterous beast of a girl, and her friend. This friend was Jojora, a small fairy girl, who like to taunt visitors with puzzles. Should they pass, they may attend a tea party... of DOOM! Jojora will call her friend down and beat their guest to a pulp. When Mario and Luigi came to save Peach from the clutches of Bowletta, the faced the same senerio. Mazes, puzzles, tea parties with a fairy and her friend (who seems to have a thing for mustachioed plumbers in overalls), but this time, Jojora and her friend were defeted.


Jojora's Friend Spore-style