Axem Yellow
Axem Yellow

AUTHOR: David Mitchell
(Revision History)


TYPE: Mechanical, Boss.

TURF: Industrial Areas, Volcanoes.


CLOSE RELATIVES: Axem Green, Axem Black, Axem Red, Axem Rangers, Axem Pink.

SKILLS AND ATTACKS: Body Slam, Bubble.

STRENGTHS: Strong against Thunder, Poison and Sleep.

WEAKNESSES: Weak against Jump attacks, Geno Attacks and Star Rain.

BACKGROUND: Axem Yellow is not the fastest or brightest of the Axem Rangers. The bulky yellow Ranger is easily the largest of the group, and has a lot of brute strength, but he's a little clumsy and can be slow.
Axem Yellow has a big appetite which sometimes overcomes him during battle. The other Rangers view him as fat and foolish, but he's worth having on your side in a fight. Like the other Axem Rangers, there were some clones of Axem Yellow but it's unknown if any survived. The original Axem Rangers were presumably destroyed when Mario and friends defeated them.


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